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# From The Studio To The Stage

Are you interested in signing up for lessons at an amazing music school? Do you want to see your child excel in his or her instrument and have a blast doing it? At Real Brave in Manhattan, Queens, NY, and Oakland, NJ, our skilled teachers provide children’s music lessons for a wide variety of musical instruments. Whether you need a guitar, brass, woodwind, strings, voice, or piano instructor… from the studio to the stage, we can help!

Queens, NY
Oakland, NJ

# Our Programs

At Real Brave, we offer an incredible experience like no other place in music lessons for kids and adults by guiding them from the beginning stages of getting to know an instrument all the way through performing for family and friends on stage. Our instructors come from all over the world, bringing extensive experience on a wide range of instruments. We tailor our music lessons to the needs and skill level of each student, developing a personalized lesson plan based on your child’s experience, tone, and  learning style. Using PracticePad (link to site page), you get a personalized progress map for each lesson with personalized videos, tutorials and assignments This is the Real way to make music learning FUN and easy! One of the reasons parents and independent students stick with Real Brave is that they believe in our philosophy and approach to music lessons. Our goal is to provide our students with a template for learning that will help each of them to find his or her own stage – in music and in life.

Finding one’s own stage is neither simple nor easy. Typical music programs revolve around music chosen for the students, and few make it a priority to explore the the tastes and sensibilities of the individual student. The Real Brave approach is to make music not only fun but deeply rewarding by leading students toward the goals that excite them the most. We do this by following three basic but extremely important steps:

  1. We customize the curriculum for each student / teach them using their favorite music;
  2. We break down music into its elements so that every student can grasp and master it
  3. We practice with our students during lessons so that they get better with each lesson.
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# Concerts

There is no better way to learn music than the Real Brave way. Play in multiple concerts per year, hear recordings of your progress and be a part of the show! Getting you from the studio to the stage has never been easier. Our concerts are the real deal in front of encouraging, friendly audiences. Play in a band, play solo, play whatever way you want!

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