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The Queens Music School You’ll Love!

Are you looking for a piano, violin, sax, guitar, bass, drums, vocals, flute, clarinet teacher, or after school activity for your son or daughter, and just can’t seem to find one? Look no further: Real Brave is here to help you find the activity your child will love! We offer top-notch lessons in every instrument, and scheduling yours is just a click or call away!

Real Brave Audio is a music studio located in Queens, NY that specializes in music instruction. Our one-on-one lessons are a collaboration between the instructor and the student by which the beginner or intermediate learns the material, brings it to the stage and back to the studio to record.

We believe that an intricate part of a child’s development comes from expanding their mind in the arts. We also noticed that there aren’t a lot of music schools in Queens NY, and we wanted to fill that void in the neighborhood we’ve grown up in. So while we do provide top-notch music lessons and music classes—we also provide so much more.

From Flushing to Astoria, Greenpoint to Whitestone, we’re in the business of helping your kids stay busy, use their noggins, and find their passion for music. Whether they discover a love for an instrument they’ve never heard of before, like the euphonium, bassoon, or bass clarinet—or they get to take their love of guitar, drums, or singing to the next level, we’ll bring out their best.

Be that we’re a music school in Queens, our goal is to serve its students well. In addition to being easily accessible from the Long Island Expressway and several different transit lines, we want to make sure our students don’t have anything standing between them and learning music that helps them to soar. That’s why we offer instrument rentals and repairs, and practice studios—so that when your student wants to be diligent about practice, it doesn’t sound like rush hour on Jamaica Avenue inside your home.

The music lessons Queens kids get from us here at Real Brave follow a standard format: 1 lesson each week, followed by recitals, concerts, and even the opportunity to participate in recordings. It’s all a part of our Learning Promise to our students: Attend, Participate, Use, and Practice. Your child will be able to get the full hands-on musician experience, and in the process discover talents they may never have thought they had. If you hold up your end, our promise is that you’ll really learn!

With incredible prices, flexible scheduling, and experiences that will take you far beyond music classes, we’re excited to extend the opportunity of a lifetime to you here at Real Brave Audio! Come check us out, stop by, and unleash the music in you today!


Great music teachers are what make Real Brave Audio a special music school. The school offers a great group of dedicated and caring teachers. Their patience and style can turn the most reticent child into a motivated student.

Pascale P.

Their compilation of staff, with experiences and credentials ranging from local to regional and national to inter-national, give students the opportunity to gain a sense of professionalism and experience in the studio with whatever instrument it is you or your child is interested in learning more about.

Armando M.
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