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Famed Rock Guitarist Helps Bring Music To Schools

Music’s long decline in sales has been well documented and it’s up to the next generation of musicians to make sure that there is still an industry to make money. Music Education is dwindling. Music is the first program to be cut after whatever other arts program was deemed unnecessary in a school’s budget. As painful as those cuts may be, they are cutting the future of music as well.

Our future depends on our children’s education and it’s up to parents and educators to find creative ways to get the arts to kids. It’s not the government’s fault, it’s not the President’s fault- it’s our own. We can collectively make a difference if we really want music lessons or music education in schools in Queens, New York or across America.

Recently, Mr Van Halen spoke to CNN about his work with Mr Hollands’s Opus, a non profit organization that funds music education through donations and sometimes through repair of musical instruments. It’s mostly to low income school disctricts that are underserved in the arts. To date, the organization has donated $20 million worth of instruments to thousands of schools. It’s a service that helps tremendously.

“My whole life has been music,” he said. “I could not imagine anything else.” he told CNN.

“Music is such a necessity. It touches people’s souls,” he told CNN . ” Music is the universal language to me. It transcends everything.”

This donation of 75 of his personal guitars is an incredible opportunity for someone to get a hold on music royalty’s actual tools of the trade. Thing is, without more of an understanding of why we need music education and even to go as far as educating people on current music trends, we will lose tomorrow’s musician to coding and “cooler” things.

As a kid growing up in the 80’s and nothing else to do besides music but TV, drawing, playing sports and movies, Music was an escape using my imagination. With the invention of video games and everything internet in addition to the iPod becoming mostly a gaming console, imagination has been put aside for easy fixes.

We need to embrace the innovations that made music more acceptable but also give children the opportunity to take part in traditions. Now more than ever, we need the music industry to invest in tomorrow so we have one in music.


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