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3 Ways To Guarantee Progress On Anything You Are Learning

I’ve played gutiar since the days where hairdo’s were business in the front and party in the back. For me personally, it was a form of expression that became a passion. Learning music became so intrinsically intertwined with who I was that it literally took over my life and became a goal-oriented obsession that made me stay up late to perfect. Prior to getting obsessed, there was a pattern that developed for me that every single person that tries to play an instrument comes up against: Practice. And practice I didn’t.

Most of my practice in the beginning had nothing to with actual “sit at home and practice” but in the actual classroom. I would go a week without physical practice but my commitment to my teacher and promise to my parents kept me going in my music lessons. Fast forward years later and in actually becoming a successful teacher in the instrument that I didn’t practice all those years earlier, here are 3 tips to guarantee progress on any instrument.

3. Listen to music One concept we teach is listening is power. The past 100 years alone there are composers of music that could literally fill the halls of the biggest libraries. Listening is an artform and will begin to give you the keys to the doors of becoming a musician. Also, be specific here. If you want to become a great guitarist, what specific music could you listen to that would help you achieve this? I know it’s a simple concept but it’s something that is taken for granted so much these days in the mist of video games, 24/7 content and Netflix video libaries that take up 98% of our free time. Listening to a great guitarist playing in a recording or song you love will start the process. Listen until you can sing the melody of a guitar part of a song you love! Imagine the melody on your guitar.

2. Think positive. Another part of the process is your mentality. Do you know how many would be guitarists that walked through my studio doors and the first words out of their mouths was “I can’t!” Don’t defeat yourself with negative talk- it’s just a way to convince yourself that something you are doing is impossible. Give yourself a fighting chance by letting the natural process of lessons just take its course. To be clear, I am not going to pretend that learning an instrument isn’t easy

1. Emulate- I’ve learned more from emulating people that I’ve played with over time than anything. In fact, just being around musicians that are better than me pushed me to learn more information and made me understand the importance of what they did. When I looked at other people that played better than me, I was improving by picking up little nuances of what they did well.

Mastering a specific skillset does require a ton of work towards goals. You can achieve your goals in any instrument with time, small steps forward every day and patience. Stay at it, it’s worth it!

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