Musical Instrument Repair

We service and repair both guitar and violins.

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Guitar Repair

Do you need affordable and quick acoustic guitar repairs, electric guitar repair, and bass guitar body repairs? Look no further. We have the quality guitar repair that you need, whether you’re having issues with your tuning keys, saddle and bridge, or nut and neck. If your guitar is showing its age or needs some work after a particularly wild show, then don’t hesitate to bring it to us. We can re-tune and re-body guitars, even replacing guitar parts that have become extremely worn or broken. Don’t underestimate the power of a good tune-up: you’ll never regret bringing us your battered, worn, or damaged guitars.

Our guitar repair shop is staffed with the most competent guitar maintenance and guitar repair experts. Bass guitar body repair and neck repair is a cinch to us with our advanced staff and patient, skilled musicians. Bass guitar repairs at our shop are done quickly, efficiently, and without burning a hole in your wallet. Bring your guitar to our shop today to get a full tune-up and all the neck and nut repair your guitar needs.

Why not get the right guitar help, when you need it, where you need it? Our complete guitar overhaul service can get your old guitar up and running, or make sure your broken one runs like new. There’s no reason not to get as much function out of your guitar as possible, and today you can do so with our affordable and well-staffed guitar cleaning and repair service. Come in today to see how we can improve your instruments with tune-ups and body repair!

Violin Repairs

Real Brave is more than music lessons and performance programs. We’re also dedicated to providing full service instrument maintenance, including violin repairs. We know that instruments represent a sizable investment for our students, both financially and musically. We take great care to ensure that your instrument is expertly handled by our violin repair shop.

Many problems relating to violin performance can be avoided with routine maintenance. Always remember to avoid subjecting your instrument to extreme heat or cold, and never leave your violin in your vehicle. Regularly clean your instrument to remove dust and other harmful particles, and change your strings whenever possible.

Violin bow repair is one of the most common requests we receive, as it is a delicate yet vital tool for the stringed instrument. Additionally, repairs done in haste can lead to additional problems, resulting in an extra expense and a hampered instrument sound, commonly found among student violins. We know you want to be at your best, and our instrument repair service is a great way to ensure that you are performing at your peak without breaking the bank. Whether you need us to rehair violin bow, fix cosmetic instrument damage or simply replace your violin strings, adjust the settings on your fiddle, we have the tools and experience needed to get the job done right.

Real Brave is a full-service musical instruction solution, and we pride ourselves on providing quality musical training and instrument repair for our students and customers. We are dedicated to giving you the tools you need to succeed from the studio to the stage.

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