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When you think of learning the violin or even practicing one, immediately the thought of commitment comes to mind. A violin is a very fine-tuned and expensive piece of equipment, even for connoisseurs! However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Beautiful music should be affordable for everyone, and we believe in offering the best opportunities for musical learning and affordable classical education available.

That’s why we make renting violins a thriving business that can give you the chance to use or practice the violin, all on a sensible budget. Few services offer the chance to hang on to violin rentals for as long as ours do.

Have you ever wanted to rent a violin for a special occasion, or even just to refresh yourself on violin or fiddle technique? Now you can. With our services, you can both rent violins and play them easily without the massive investment of permanently buying a violin. Violins for rent are our specialty. We have plenty of unique and beautiful violins for rent, all in pristine condition, some never before used!

These violins will be a great addition to your day as you bring them to life with your fingertips. Why not rent a violin or viola for the weekend, or even for a day, to impress your friends and family or simply to catch up on lost practice? With a violin in your hands, beautiful music is only a bow-stroke away. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the world of music: reserve a violin rental for yourself today!

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There is no better way to learn music than the Real Brave way. Play in multiple concerts per year, hear recordings of your progress and be a part of the show! Getting you from the studio to the stage has never been easier. Our concerts are the real deal in front of encouraging, friendly audiences. Play in a band, play solo, play whatever way you want!