Pre-K Music Lessons in Manhattan

When your toddler hopped up on the piano stool and started playing simple tunes with no prodding from you, you were over the moon. You were certain that the next Mozart was living right under your roof! Probably, your next line of thinking was about signing them up for music lessons. Before you commit your little one to a program that’s too advanced, or a teacher who is too regimented, we invite you to check out the Pre School Rocks program at Real Brave in Manhattan, NY. An Early Childhood Education class designed by a State-certified curriculum writer for the NYS Department of Education, Pre School Rocks takes a hands-on approach to music education. It helps children age 3-5 enjoy learning and making music, while letting them still be kids. Call today in Manhattan, NY, to enroll your child!

The problem

Here at Real Brave, we see it more often than we’d like: children between the ages of 3 to 5 years old falling into what we call a “music limbo.” They exhibit a genuine interest in music, and even demonstrate some tactile ability with instruments like the piano, guitar, or flute. Then their well-meaning parents enroll them in traditional one-on-one music lessons, and it all goes downhill from there. The child, lacking sufficient eye-hand coordination to read sheet music, and unprepared for the rigors of repetitive drills and scales, can’t cope, and may lose interest in music altogether. That’s where Real Brave steps in with our Pre School Rocks program!

The solution

The Pre School Rocks program at Real Brave bridges the gap between early childhood interest in music and traditional music education. Here in our studio in Manhattan, NY, kids begin by learning the basics of rhythm, using simple instruments like tambourines and shakers. As they progress in the program, our certified music instructors will bring out more complex instruments, such as roll-out floor pianos, percussion instruments, and violins. We will also encourage singing. Over the course of 12 lessons, your child will be comfortable with important musical concepts like up/down or left/right, and become familiar with musical rhythms and styles that make reading sheet music easier to grasp. They will also touch on the musical alphabet in an environment that presents these key concepts in a manner appropriate for their young age group.

The result

After the initial 12 basic lessons, improving aptitude and socialization, your child’s Real Brave instructor will get them ready for traditional music lessons in a one-on-one setting, or in a group environment such as a band class. Our instructors, who are musicians themselves, will prepare them for handling and playing advanced instruments such as piano, violin, or drums. In addition, they’ll help your child develop the poise and confidence they will eventually need for public performances such as recitals, school pageants, or impromptu house concerts. Whether your child decides to pursue music as a career or a hobby, they will value the experiences they had in the Pre School Rocks program at Real Brave in Manhattan, NY.

Classes available in Manhattan and Oakland, NJ. Call today!

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There is no better way to learn music than the Real Brave way. Play in multiple concerts per year, hear recordings of your progress and be a part of the show! Getting you from the studio to the stage has never been easier. Our concerts are the real deal in front of encouraging, friendly audiences. Play in a band, play solo, play whatever way you want!