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To help you get a handle on what you are learning, we’ve pioneered software that allows you to track the path of your progress on your personal device or computer. With PracticePad you can view notes from your lesson, videos of your accomplishments, personalized demonstrations of skills, and our library of skills and song tutorials.

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Login from anywhere to see your progress in your classes with our unique software PracticePad

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THOUSANDS of NEW video tutorials as a part of the Real Brave Method Access our library outside of the studio anytime!

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If taking lessons at our premier facilities isn’t enough, we’ve pioneered software that helps you practice at home. During your lesson at the studio, your instructor makes notes in PracticePad, uses video to show your progress, give listening assignments and use our in house rubric to show your progress!

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Your One-on-One Lesson Companion

PracticePad is a unique, online lesson companion included with your membership. Not only do you have the opportunity to take lessons at our facilities with great instructors, you get that lesson captured weekly on PracticePad so you can revisit what you did in videos, custom tutorials, notes and more. With thousands of videos being uploaded, you will have a huge library at your fingertips to unlock!

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