Real Brave's Outreach Program

Free music programs for children in underserved communities

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After School Rocks 501(c)3 


To provide free for children in schools or facilities that lack access to quality music education.

The Need: The Secret To Living Is Giving

Most programs for ASR are in supportive housing shelters. Through fundraising, we have been fully funding these music programs for children in these shelters who have been chronically homeless. Bring the joy of music to them has been the most rewarding gift anyone can give. The Program: 20 weeks

Using our own in-house, custom crafted curriculum that has proven to provide great results, we currently guide beginner students through 20 weeks of music instruction.

  • Classes have about 7 students total
  • Each session is about 1 hour long.
  • After the 20 class schedule, a performance in front of students and faculty is arranged
  • Students can take Guitar, Violin, Chorus or Percussion

The Foundation

After School Rocks (ASR) unofficially started in January of 2009. It began when parents of children taking lessons at Real Brave  asked if they could bring their programming to schools in the area. For many schools in NYC, because of the Great Recession, they lost or defunded their music programs. Since those successful first programs, ASR has become the charitable division of Real Brave. Through the founder of both organizations (Daniel Powers Jr) and under the guidance of ASR’s board of directors, ASR is pursuing the means necessary to bring music to every child in need, provide great afterschool programming and great jobs for artists.

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