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Real Brave Audio is about giving people a chance to learn any musical instrument they want. We make music our mission and have a special focus on viola lessons. To get children and adults prepared, we match them with a viola teacher that gives private music instruction. From there, we take the viola student much further than music theory by placing them on a stage, giving them a chance to be a part of concerts, and providing actual recordings of the student.

Located in Queens in Fresh Meadows on the F train, Q17 and Q88 bus, Real Brave Audio started as a recording studio and now we host over 100 students per week. Each of the viola lessons for beginners are taught by our top talents that ensure students stay interested, welcomed and encouraged in their new musical challenge.

Our staff goes beyond your typical DVD instruction because you can lean on our music teachers for support and ask them questions. A patient viola teacher that is committed to your learning is our key to success with students and will show exactly how to play Viola.

Before long, the weekly lessons have paved the way to our bi-annual concerts. Here, the hard work that the viola instructor and student have put forth is on display for family and friends. It is this kind of effort toward goals that becomes part of the bigger lesson that students learn from taking classes at Real Brave Audio.

If you are enrolling a child in beginner viola lessons as part of our four-level lesson system, we have many parents that have given our studio good reviews. Among their comments are references to the instructors being friendly, outgoing and creative.

Obviously, we are more than a convenient place for you or your child to learn the instrument of your choice. Instead, we provide quality private viola lessons that help the student learn how to be a success outside of the music world.

Join us and see how we can help you or your family get started with making dreams a reality.

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