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If you have ever wanted to wail away on one of the most riveting musical instruments ever invented, then playing the saxophone may be perfect for you!

One of the most popular woodwind instruments, the saxophone is a heavyweight contender in our broad musical universe. We at Real Brave Audio not only encourage you to enjoy this curvaceous marvel, but we can also teach you how to use it.

We offer saxophone lessons to anyone in NYC that is passionate enough to learn. It does not matter what your current capabilities are because we teach all level of expertise. So, whether you need beginner saxophone lessons or more advanced instruction, we have you covered.

Our inclusive sax lessons leave no musical stone unturned. A Real Brave Audio saxophone teacher can guide you through the entire process of learning how to play the saxophone with professional technique, as well as a thorough understanding of music theory. Combining these fundamentals with determination will put you on the road to becoming a skilled artisan of the saxophone.

It is important to find an outstanding sax teacher for the best instruction. At Real Brave Audio, we offer nothing but excellence. Our instructors not only offer classes, but also are glad to provide private music instruction as necessary. We are fully committed to all aspects of the learning environment — and see it all the way through. We will take you from needing saxophone lessons for beginners to becoming a true master of the craft. Who knows? Maybe the next Charlie “Bird” Parker could be you!

Whether you play the alto, baritone, tenor or soprano, we can provide the instruction you need by giving you access to first class music teachers. Join the Real Brave Audio family and we will wail away together.

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