Music Classes For Adults in Manhattan, Queens & Oakland, NJ

Music lessons are not just for kids.

If you’ve ever dreamed of expressing yourself on an instrument, don’t think for a second that you’re too old to start now. Musical expression has no shelf life, and as an adult you have the distinct advantage of knowing what you like. Let us show you how to play it.


The Real Brave method

At Real Brave, our music education programs are so much more than a teacher with a baton, forcing you through repetitive, boring scales. You learn to enjoy your instrument and get comfortable expressing yourself with it. To that end, each and every lesson at Real Brave will contain three key elements:

  • Discovery: In order to find your truest platform of self-expression, you must first know how you feel about music, specifically which genres, styles, artists, and songs appeal to you, and which onesdon’t.
  • Deconstruction: Once we know what our students want to be able to play, the teachers at Real Brave will find a way to teach you how to play it.
  • Development: Rather than harass you about practicing, Real Brave prefers to habituate you to self-fulfillment. This means that we play with you,or guide you as you play phrases, passages, exercises, or whole songsduring the lesson.

All lessons and progress are tracked using the PracticePad system, a proprietarypiece of software and website designed to give each student a personalized progress map for each lesson with personalized videos, tutorials, and assignments. Call our campus in Manhattan, NY, Queens, NY, or Oakland, NJ, to get started!

The instrumental difference

While most music schools concentrate on teaching only a few core instruments, Real Brave provides top-notch instruction in the instruments used most often in both contemporary and classical music, including:

  • Guitar
  • Piano/keyboard
  • Bass
  • Voice
  • Drums/percussion
  • Saxophone
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Trumpet
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Voice

No matter what your age or experience level, you’ll get more out of music lessons than you ever dreamed possible at Real Brave. The fact that you’ll have a ball doing it is a nice bonus!

This is your time to shine

Whether you’re a working mother who shelved her musical aspirations to raise a family or you’re a living room guitar player who wants to try his hand at playing out in public, you’ll find yourself in good company at Real Brave. Our music lessons have benefited everyone from school-age kids who didn’t click with traditional music education, to working musicians looking to get past a skill plateau. There’s a place in this group for you! Real Brave invites you to be a part of the magic of music.

Call our campus in Manhattan, Queens, or Oakland, NJ, to enroll.

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# Concerts

There is no better way to learn music than the Real Brave way. Play in multiple concerts per year, hear recordings of your progress and be a part of the show! Getting you from the studio to the stage has never been easier. Our concerts are the real deal in front of encouraging, friendly audiences. Play in a band, play solo, play whatever way you want!