Group Music Lessons

You want that extra nudge to get you one step further in your music studies? Well look no further! This year we’re offering 8 weeks of music classes starting the second week of October for just a few bucks extra a week! You can split the cost of the course over 2 billing periods to $67 a month!

For our customers, we have our Chorus, Guitar, and Violin and Rock Band classes where our students will get the fundamentals of music from reading music and getting down harmonies.

These students will learn about creating and making music with others in addition to their private classes!

Below you can find our more about our classes, schedule and more information about our summer classes!


Don’t fret. Fall’s here!

In our guitar group classes, master parts, understand how to play as a group, and really “get” harmony and rhythm. Classical to rock styles available.


Sing it loud, sing it proud!

Chorus is all about singing with an amazing way to understand performing with others and how to use your voice. Meeting at our studio, this large energetic group will be led through songs, warmups and fun vocal exercises.


*violin* BOW? WOW!

Our violin classes serve as a great introduction to the suzuki method as used in our ‘After School Rocks’ programs. In addition, you can learn how to play the violin while making some friends along the way.

Rock Band

Based on our inspirational After School Rocks program in schools, this modified suzuki is a great introduction to the instrument! Meet once a week.

Rock/ Funk Band

Does Uptown Funk you up?

Play an instrument in the brass family? Try out our funk band and learn how to play that funky music!

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Rock Band

Spaces Limited!

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# Concerts

There is no better way to learn music than the Real Brave way. Play in multiple concerts per year, hear recordings of your progress and be a part of the show! Getting you from the studio to the stage has never been easier. Our concerts are the real deal in front of encouraging, friendly audiences. Play in a band, play solo, play whatever way you want!