Clarinet Lessons

Learn to Play the Clarinet

Learning to play a musical instrument is tough. There are many challenges to this daunting task, so let us make the journey easier for you! Our private music instruction will make your choice of learning to play the clarinet a rewarding experience. Our clarinet teacher is fully qualified. He or she knows how to put the fun into private clarinet lessons. That is our difference. We know that practicing hours of scales, long tones, and articulation exercises must be balanced with a sense of musical accomplishment.

There must be something to which the new student applies his or her newly developed skills. Clarinet lessons for beginners should lead somewhere, and our music teacher will show you popular songs as well as staples of classical music literature. You will even learn music theory to know how a song is put together. We realize that true understanding comes from a comprehensive instructional approach. Our clarinet lessons provide this, and show each student how to play Clarinet.

As far as pedagogy is concerned, we leave nothing out of your beginner clarinet lessons. We will show you how to care for your instrument and assemble it properly. We will show you how to choose a proper mouthpiece and ligature that fits your mouth. We will coach you in how to select proper reeds so as not to needlessly waste money.

We will show you how to form a proper embouchure and how to breathe properly for maximum breath support. Technique, tone, endurance, finger position, proper angle of the clarinet, musical interpretation of songs and classical pieces, and music theory to boost comprehensive understanding are all part of our musical instruction. Let’s make music together!

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