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All Of Our Instructors Use Practicepad In Every Lesson

At Real Brave, we offer an incredible experience like no other place in music lessons for kids and adults by guiding them from the beginning stages of getting to know an instrument all the way through performing for family and friends on stage. Our instructors come from all over the world, bringing extensive experience on a wide range of instruments. We tailor our music lessons to the needs and skill level of each student, developing a personalized lesson plan based on your child’s experience, tone, and  learning style. Using PracticePad (link to site page), you get a personalized progress map for each lesson with personalized videos, tutorials and assignments.

This is the Real way to make music learning FUN and easy! Add this below it:

One of the reasons parents and independent students stick with Real Brave is that they believe in our philosophy and approach to music lessons. Our goal is to provide our students with a template for learning that will help each of them to find his or her own stage – in music and in life.
Finding one’s own stage is neither simple nor easy. Typical music programs revolve around music chosen for the students, and few make it a priority to explore the the tastes and sensibilities of the individual student. The Real Brave approach is to make music not only fun but deeply rewarding by leading students toward the goals that excite them the most. We do this by following three basic but extremely important steps:
  1. We customize the curriculum for each student / teach them using their favorite music;
  2. We break down music into its elements so that every student can grasp and master it;
  3. We practice with our students during lessons so that they get better with each lesson.
  • The Real Brave Method. To put this approach into practice, each lesson should contain the three elements of discovery, deconstruction, and development.
  • Discovery. In order to find one’s stage, or platform of self-expression, one must first know how he or she feels about things. In music, that means knowing what we like: which genres, styles, artists, and songs appeal to us.
  • Deconstruction: Once we know what our students want to be able to play, our job as teachers is to find a way to teach them how to play it.
  • Development. Rather than harass them about practicing, we habituate them to it. This means that we play with them or guide them as they play phrases, passages, exercises, or whole songs/pieces during the lesson.
  • A System for Success. To ensure that we provide all of our students with the best opportunity to achieve their goals, all lessons are tracked in PracticePad ®, the proprietary software and website used at every Real Brave location. All teachers are expected to use PracticePad in every lesson.
    PracticePad is more than a tracking system; It allows students and their parents to see improvement on a regular basis and encourages accomplishment.

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Rock Band Summer Camp.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to perform on stage? Did you know that stage performances could actually enhance musicianship? Performing is a part of learning. That is why in addition to providing private music lessons we also encourage music performances. Teaching students of all ages to reach their full potential is our mission and we pursue that goal by giving students their due on a full stage.

Twice a year, we hold student music concerts that allow our learners to shine brightly and demonstrate their wonderful skills. We are proud of their progress. However, we are even prouder of our students. At Real Brave, our goal is to help turn you into the best musician that you can possibly become.


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