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Online Video Lessons: A Great Companion

Video lessons this day and age are abundant and everywhere. From Guitar World to your everyday blog, there are plenty of video how-to’s to supplement anywhere your one-on-one lessons with your instructor isn’t up with you. Not to say this is just limited to guitar, there are so many resources for a variety of instruments. Here are a few that you wouldn’t expect:

1. Trombone & Euphonium:

The owner of the presentation here has a site that could use some updating but gives some solid basic info.

2. Piano

Staying in line with our experience, it’s mainly best to have a one-on-one lesson for piano in person, but these tutorials are a great beginner’s paradise.

3. Singing Master:

Tired of doing all the crazy vocal warmups in front of other people during lessons? Do them at home in the privacy of your own bedroom with an online video.

Finding the right instructor for any instrument takes time and patience. There are so many options to choose from and many resources on the web. Online learning coupled with private lessons can be a very strong tool for expanded learning and exponential growth as a student.

Daniel Powers Jr is the founder of Real Brave Inc and After School Rocks. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook @danielpowersjr and the studio @realbraveaudio


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