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Learning guitar has never been easier. With a simple google search “learn guitar” (with the quotes), it comes back with 751,000 results. Without the quotes and more generalized, it comes back with 42 million results. There are plenty of resources out there. I wonder who makes the cut for best “learn guitar” sites out there? And which ones are free or mostly free

I am not a huge fan of online lessons but can be converted. All it will take is some innovation before it’s the only thing out there but until that, here is the 5 best sites I could find after searching “learn guitar” :


Chordbook was the first one to pop up that had a small free database that gave a decent amount of information. This is definitely an example of quality information that can be easily had at your fingertips.


Great information, somewhat easy to find. Just hidden on page 4 of my google results. Videos, lessons and technique. Music theory? Sure.


Coming up on the first page, with engaging information and free information for users, this seems like a pretty decent way to kick the tires on guitar and get going. In addition, there aren’t too many sales links that are obvious amidst the content that can help users.

Learning guitar without a teacher is possible but be picky (pun intended). There are a ton of great free resources like and even

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