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Children Are Individuals. Music Instruction For All.

Music education in schools has been steadily declining and thankfully non profits such as After School Rocks and others that care about children, music education and delivering quality affordable instruction, music education is back on the rise. It’s up to us as individuals to tell educators and the establishment what our children need. We need to invest in ALL people.

Programs that offer after school music instruction have really filled in the gap for many arts gaps here in New York City. “Little Kids Rock”, according the blog , has really made a splash. “Little Kids Rock’s biggest reach is in New York City. In 2014, the city Department of Education partnered with Little Kids Rock and Berklee College of Music to form Amp Up, a $4.5 million initiative that has reached nearly 600 schools”. Similiar to the mission of our nonprofit just with a bigger megaphone and gigantic reach, they are bringing simplified, targeted and highly effective instruction to schools. Little Kids Rock, After School Rocks and The Harmony Project as well.

The Harmony Program, a well-funded after school music program based in NYC that is helping underserved communities achieve a well rounded music education diet with incredible programs. Led by funding from NYC and donations, they are making a huge difference in music education.

Real Brave has a non profit like I’ve mentioned before and the foundation is called After School Rocks. The mission is simply bring the joy of creation to students that do not have access to music. It started back in 2009 after the world’s finanical implosion after the housing crisis fell and the general economy almost fell off a cliff. In NYC, Real Brave was front line on the economic meltdown as parents stopped paying lessons, children stopped coming and arts programs began to be dropped due to a lot of factors. Parents began to call to see if we could help.

Years later, we began to start progams in school and have had a huge impact in helping communities get access to the arts. It’s something we are proud of and will continue to fight for. With all the sweeping changes and reforms throughout the years one thing is for certain:

We are raising adults, not children.

If the above is true, which it is, then this must be true as well:

People are individuals. The definitiion of Individual is: of or for a particular person.

I am of the opinion that every person learns differently and for every person that learns a bit differently from another, there are certain sets of interests that sets their brain afire with possibility. Individuals with arts education have a better shot in life and a better shot to find themselves ! I’ve concluded over the years personally that music was the vehicle for my own personal growth. It ended up being that it didn’t totally define me rather creation defined me. Creation of programs, creation of methods to teach students, creation of… well anything.

All of us, parent, facilitator, school administrator, school PTA, parent coordinator, volunteer, politician… all of us have the responsibility to make sure that children just get a well rounded education. A well rounded education that includes the arts. If it means that all school in NYC need to outsource their education to non profits, let’s do it! It’s a crime that inner city youth and others do not get the access to a quality care that they deserve.


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