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Learning Guitar, Solo

Learning guitar has never been easier. With a simple google search “learn guitar” (with the quotes), it comes back with 751,000 results. Without the quotes and more generalized, it comes back with 42 million results. There are plenty of resources out there.…

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Children Are Individuals. Music Instruction For All.

Music education in schools has been steadily declining and thankfully non profits such as After School Rocks and others that care about children, music education and delivering quality affordable instruction, music education is back on the rise. It’s up to…

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Mastering Guitar Is Like Mastering Video Games

Learning a musical instrument is like playing a video game. It requires skill, knowing where what buttons to push to get a result and following a map to win. In 1988, the single hardest video game I have ever personally…

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3 Ways To Guarantee Progress On Anything You Are Learning

I’ve played gutiar since the days where hairdo’s were business in the front and party in the back. For me personally, it was a form of expression that became a passion. Learning music became so intrinsically intertwined with who I…

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Famed Rock Guitarist Helps Bring Music To Schools

Music’s long decline in sales has been well documented and it’s up to the next generation of musicians to make sure that there is still an industry to make money. Music Education is dwindling. Music is the first program to be cut…

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